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 carpet cleaning

Clean first for health, then for appearance.


At Pulido's Cleaning Service Inc we provide a complete carpet cleaning service.

We offer the following procedures.


1. Pre-cleaning inspection

 This will allow you to point out problem areas and stains,

secure breakables, note fragile furniture, and we can establish an exact cost of carpet cleaning.


2. Application of traffic lane preconditioner.

agent using Hydro-Force power sprayer.

This allows for precise solution metering at truck mount pressure and temperature for maximum penetration and emulsification.


3. All carpet is now pre scrub using our counter rotator brush machine

to loose it up soils and spots to get ready to clean, and also we pre spot all stubborn spots or stains.


4. Clear Fiber Rinse

 is applied and extracted to remove any remaining detergent residue,

leaving carpet fibers clean and bright with their true colors

showing through brilliantly and in perfect condition for applying carpet protectors.


5. use a carpet dryer

 we use a proffesional air mover to speed up the drying time and live the carpets as dry as possible.


6.Carpets treated with a Clear Fiber Rinse dry faster and are left with a soft, luxurious feel.


7. Carpet is groomed

with a hand rake or bcarpet brush, to lift the carpet fiber and restore the plush pile the carpet had when it was brand new.


8. Post cleaning inspection

  and briefing-After completing the cleaning job we carefully evaluate and inform you about any physical changes in the carpet that occur over the years, changes which relate to shading, color loss and/or wear.


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Primary Service Area

Patterson ca, turlock ca, modesto ca, tracy ca and sorrounding areas  

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